Intestate Succession and Wills

ORS 112.105
Succession where parents not married


For all purposes of intestate succession, full effect shall be given to all relationships as described in ORS 109.060 (Legal status and legal relationships when parents not married), except as otherwise provided by law in case of adoption.


For all purposes of intestate succession and for those purposes only, before the relationship of parent and child and other relationships dependent upon the establishment of parentage shall be given effect under subsection (1) of this section:


The parentage of the child shall have been established under ORS 109.065 (Establishing parentage) during the lifetime of the child; and


The parent must have acknowledged being the parent of the child in writing, signed by the parent during the lifetime of the child. [1969 c.591 §28; 2015 c.387 §7; 2017 c.651 §35]

Notes of Decisions

Under Oregon law, surviving child may establish right to inherit in proceeding for social security benefits without having first had paternity established in independent state paternity suit. Zahradnik v. Sullivan, 966 F2d 355 (1992)


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