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ORS 127.666
Establishment of registry

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The Oregon Health Authority shall establish and operate a statewide registry for the collection and dissemination of physician orders for life-sustaining treatment to help ensure that medical treatment preferences for an individual nearing the end of the individual’s life are honored.


The authority shall adopt rules for the registry, including but not limited to rules that:


Require submission of the following documents to the registry, unless the patient has requested to opt out of the registry:


A copy of each POLST;


A copy of a revised POLST; and


Notice of any known revocation of a POLST;


Prescribe the manner for submitting information described in paragraph (a) of this subsection;


Require the release of registry information to authorized users for treatment purposes;


Authorize notification by the registry to specified persons of the receipt, revision or revocation of a POLST; and


Establish procedures to protect the accuracy and confidentiality of information submitted to the registry.


The authority may permit qualified researchers to access registry data. If the authority permits qualified researchers to have access to registry data, the authority shall adopt rules governing the access to data that shall include but need not be limited to:


The process for a qualified researcher to request access to registry data;


The types of data that a qualified researcher may be provided from the registry; and


The manner by which a researcher must protect registry data obtained under this subsection.


The authority may contract with a private or public entity to establish or maintain the registry, and such contract is exempt from the requirements of ORS chapters 279A, 279B and 279C. [2009 c.595 §1184]


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