Powers of Attorney

ORS 127.717
Declaration to be made part of medical record

  • physician or provider to comply with declaration
  • withdrawal of physician or provider

Upon being presented with a declaration, a physician or other provider shall make the declaration a part of the principal’s medical record. When acting under authority of a declaration, a physician or provider must comply with it to the fullest extent possible, consistent with reasonable medical practice, the availability of treatments requested and applicable law. If the physician or other provider is unable or unwilling at any time to carry out preferences or instructions contained in a declaration or the decisions of the attorney-in-fact, the physician or provider may withdraw from providing treatment if withdrawal is consistent with the exercise of independent medical judgment that is in the best interest of the principal. Upon withdrawing, a physician or provider shall promptly notify the principal and the attorney-in-fact and document the notification in the principal’s medical record. [1993 c.442 §8; 1999 c.83 §2]


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