ORS 128.763
Disclosure of disqualification required in solicitations

  • legal effect of failure to disclose


When a disqualification order issued under ORS 128.760 (Issuance of disqualification order by Attorney General) to 128.769 (Rules) becomes effective, the charitable organization named in the order shall provide a disclosure as described in this section in all solicitations made by the organization to persons in Oregon. The disclosure must clearly and conspicuously state that contributions to the organization are not deductible as charitable donations for Oregon income tax purposes. The disclosure also must appear in any written document provided to a donor acknowledging the donation or referring to the amount of the donation. The Attorney General may specify additional disclosure requirements by rule.


Failure to provide the disclosures required by this section is a false or misleading representation for the purposes of ORS 128.886 (False or misleading representations prohibited). [2013 c.260 §3]


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