ORS 128.814
Presumption of breach of fiduciary duty by officer or director of nonprofit beneficiary


There shall be a rebuttable presumption of a breach of fiduciary duty if an officer or director of a nonprofit beneficiary enters into an agreement with a professional fund raising firm:


For a duration to exceed two years unless the nonprofit beneficiary has obtained written proposals from at least two other professional fund raising firms; or


Where one of the stated or implied purposes of the solicitation campaign is to acquire an identified list of donors for use as a donor base for future solicitations by the nonprofit beneficiary, unless the nonprofit beneficiary has exclusive rights to the ownership and use of the list of donors.


It shall be presumed that such donor list acquisition is a purpose of the campaign unless the agreement specifies otherwise.


This section shall not prohibit a professional fund raising firm from retaining a security interest in a list for the limited purpose of recovering amounts owed to it pursuant to the terms of the contract. [1991 c.532 §22]


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