ORS 128.766
Publication of disqualified organizations on Internet

  • report to Department of Revenue


When a disqualification order issued under ORS 128.760 (Issuance of disqualification order by Attorney General) to 128.769 (Rules) becomes effective, the Attorney General shall publish on the Internet and otherwise make publicly available information identifying the charitable organization named in the order, the date that the order became effective and the date that the information was published on the Internet.


At least once every year the Attorney General shall file a written report with the Department of Revenue that:


Identifies all charitable organizations that are subject to disqualification orders during the period covered by the report;


The date the disqualification orders became effective;


The date that information required by subsection (1) of this section was published on the Internet for each order; and


The methods by which the public can obtain a listing of charitable organizations that are subject to disqualification orders. [2013 c.260 §4]


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