ORS 171.764
False statement or misrepresentation by lobbyist or public official; defense


No lobbyist or public official, as defined in ORS 244.020 (Definitions), shall make any false statement or misrepresentation to any legislative or executive official or, knowing a document to contain a false statement, cause a copy of such document to be received by a legislative or executive official without notifying such official in writing of the truth as prescribed in subsection (2) of this section.


It is a defense to a charge of violation of subsection (1) of this section if the person who made the false statement or misrepresentation retracts the statement or misrepresentation and notifies the official in writing of the truth:


In a manner showing complete and voluntary retraction of the prior false statement or misrepresentation; and


Before the subject matter of the false statement or misrepresentation is submitted to a vote of a legislative committee or either house of the Legislative Assembly or is relied upon by an executive official in an administrative hearing.


As used in this section:


“False statement or misrepresentation” means the intentional misrepresentation or misstatement of a material fact.


“Material” means that which may have affected the course or outcome of any proceeding or transaction if known prior to the proceeding or transaction. [1993 c.743 §6]
Chapter 171

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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