Administration of State Institutions

ORS 179.486
Payment of costs in connection with transfers and conveyances

  • medical reports to accompany certain inmates


The institution from which a transfer or conveyance is made shall pay from its appropriation the cost of such of the following items as may be incurred in a particular case:


Transportation and other expenses incidental to the transfer or conveyance, including the expenses of attendants where an attendant is directed to accompany the adult in custody.


Hospital expenses incurred at the Oregon Health and Science University.


Examination, treatment and hospital expenses incurred in favor of a physician, naturopathic physician, clinic or hospital, other than the Oregon Health and Science University.


An adult in custody transferred or conveyed to the Oregon Health and Science University shall be accompanied by a report made by the physician or naturopathic physician in charge of the institution from which the transfer or conveyance is made, or by another physician or naturopathic physician designated by the physician or naturopathic physician in charge. The report shall contain the history of the case and the information required by blanks prepared by the School of Medicine or School of Dentistry, as the case may be. [1957 c.160 §5; 2017 c.356 §24; 2019 c.213 §51]
(Medical Care)

Notes of Decisions

Person on release from county jail pending parole revocation proceeding was not within scope of this section because he was not confined in state correctional institution. Salem Hospital v. Marion County, 307 Or 213, 766 P2d 376 (1988)

Attorney General Opinions

Responsibility for payment of medical bills incurred by persons on temporary leave or work release status, (1983) Vol 43, p 192


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