ORS 195.025
Regional coordination of planning activities; alternatives


In addition to the responsibilities stated in ORS 197.175 (Cities’ and counties’ planning responsibilities), each county, through its governing body, shall be responsible for coordinating all planning activities affecting land uses within the county, including planning activities of the county, cities, special districts and state agencies, to assure an integrated comprehensive plan for the entire area of the county. In addition to being subject to the provisions of ORS chapters 195, 196 and 197 with respect to city or special district boundary changes, as defined by ORS 197.175 (Cities’ and counties’ planning responsibilities) (1), the governing body of the metropolitan service district shall be considered the county review, advisory and coordinative body for Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties for the areas within that district.


For the purposes of carrying out ORS chapters 195, 196 and 197, counties may voluntarily join together with adjacent counties as authorized in ORS 190.003 (Definition for ORS 190.003 to 190.130) to 190.620 (Effect of corrected certificate on payments to cities or counties).


Whenever counties and cities representing 51 percent of the population in their area petition the Land Conservation and Development Commission for an election in their area to form a regional planning agency to exercise the authority of the counties under subsection (1) of this section in the area, the commission shall review the petition. If it finds that the area described in the petition forms a reasonable planning unit, it shall call an election in the area on a date specified in ORS 203.085 (County election dates), to form a regional planning agency. The election shall be conducted in the manner provided in ORS chapter 255. The county clerk shall be considered the elections officer and the commission shall be considered the district elections authority. The agency shall be considered established if the majority of votes favor the establishment.


If a voluntary association of local governments adopts a resolution ratified by each participating county and a majority of the participating cities therein which authorizes the association to perform the review, advisory and coordination functions assigned to the counties under subsection (1) of this section, the association may perform such duties. [Formerly 197.190]

(formerly 197.190)

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