State Court Fees

ORS 21.690
Waived fees

  • recovery


If the fees and court costs of a person have been waived under ORS 21.680 (Definitions for ORS 21.680 to 21.698) to 21.698 (Confidentiality of information related to waiver or deferral) and the person prevails in the action or proceeding for which fees and court costs were waived, the court may include in the judgment a money award, payable by any party who is liable to the person receiving the waiver for costs and disbursements in the action or proceeding, in an amount equal to the waived fees and court costs. The money award shall be in favor of the state in courts other than justice courts and county courts. In justice courts and county courts, the money award shall be in favor of the county in which the justice court or county court is located. The judgment debtor must pay the money award amount to the court administrator.


The state is liable for the payment of fees and court costs waived by a court only if a money award as described in subsection (1) of this section is entered against the state. [2007 c.493 §4]


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