State Court Fees

ORS 21.145
Simple proceeding filing fee

In the following proceedings, a circuit court shall collect a filing fee of $124 when a complaint or other document is filed for the purpose of commencing an action or other proceeding and at the time of filing an answer or other first appearance in the proceeding:


Applications for change of name under ORS 33.410 (Jurisdiction).


Applications for a legal change of sex under ORS 33.460 (Jurisdiction).


Guardianship proceedings under ORS chapter 125.


Any other action or proceeding that is statutorily made subject to the fee established by this section. [2011 c.595 §13; 2013 c.685 §§31,31a; 2014 c.76 §5; 2017 c.663 §3; 2019 c.605 §2]


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