City Parks, Memorials and Cemeteries

ORS 226.210
General powers of board

  • rules


The board shall have full and exclusive control of all parks within or connected with its respective city. For that purpose it may:


Lay out and improve such parks.


Appoint all necessary engineers, surveyors and all other employees, including a police force to act in the parks and fix the amount of their compensation.


Do all acts needful and proper for the protection, care or improvement of the parks.


Make all necessary rules or regulations for the use or government of the parks.


Affix penalties for breaches of the rules or regulations made under paragraph (d) of this subsection. These penalties shall not exceed $20 for any one offense and shall be collected as other fines and penalties are collected in the city where such offense is committed.


Acquire title by purchase, gift, devise or otherwise, to any land it deems desirable for parks, the title to be taken in the name of the city.


The board shall disburse all moneys appropriated, given, received or collected for the improvement or use of the parks.


All contracts for the purchase of land for park purposes shall be made by the board.


If the board, being desirous of acquiring any land for any park, cannot agree with the owner as to the amount to be paid therefor, the board may proceed in the circuit court of the county in which the land is situated, as provided in ORS 223.005 (Appropriation and condemnation for public use within and without city limits) to 223.020 (Scope of appropriation) for the appropriation of such land for park purposes.


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