City Parks, Memorials and Cemeteries

ORS 226.630
Acts to be done by city in removing and reinterring remains

  • compliance as complete defense in action for damages


The removal of remains, headstones and other evidence of the locations of graves, and the clearance of the cemetery property, may be done under the direct supervision of the governing body of the municipal corporation, or such commission as such governing body may appoint, and such removal, reinterment, clearance and other acts in connection with this program shall be sufficient, if the following specific acts are done:


If all of the remains that can be located within said cemetery, after a reasonable search for such remains, as in ORS 226.520 (Definitions for ORS 226.510 to 226.640) defined, has been conducted, are removed in a manner reasonably providing for respectful and careful treatment of such remains, and providing for reinterment and recommitment, in a respectful manner.


If the identity of remains is preserved in so far as reasonably practicable, having due regard to the conditions of the cemetery, the condition and location, or dislocation of stones and monuments, and other factors related to the particular project, and, in so far as practicable, the identity shall be shown upon the relocation of said graves in a new location, by the erection of suitable markers at the location of such graves.


In the event that there are remains in such cemetery which cannot be identified, all of such remains may be interred in a section of the new cemetery site, and the same may be marked by one suitable monument, which shall contain the names of persons, known to have been interred in said cemetery, but whose remains could not be identified.


It shall be a complete defense, in any action brought by any person for damages against the municipal corporation, or other persons or organization affecting such relocation and reinterment, as above described, upon any grounds whatever, to plead and prove a substantial compliance with the provisions of this section. [1953 c.298 §13]


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