City Parks, Memorials and Cemeteries

ORS 226.580
Parties defendant to condemnation suit

The complaint in any suit brought under the provisions of ORS 226.510 (Certain cemeteries as menace to public) to 226.640 (Issuance of permit to restore, maintain and preserve abandoned cemetery) shall include as defendants the names of all record owners of lots, or plots located in the cemetery sought to be condemned or any portion or parcel of such cemetery, and the names of the heirs of all record owners as shown by the probate records of the county in which such cemetery is located, and shall include any and all other persons having or claiming any interest of any kind or nature in such cemetery, or any lot or plot thereof, who may be joined as defendants and designated as “all other persons or parties having or claiming any right, title, estate or interest.” [1953 c.298 §8]


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