Enforcement and Recognition of Foreign Judgments

ORS 24.275
Determining proper money of the claim


The money in which the parties to a transaction have agreed that payment is to be made is the proper money of the claim for payment.


If the parties to a transaction have not otherwise agreed, the money of the claim, as in each case may be appropriate, is the money:


Regularly used between the parties as a matter of usage or course of dealing;


Used at the time of a transaction in international trade, by trade usage or common practice, for valuing or settling transactions in the particular commodity or service involved; or


In which the loss was ultimately felt or will be incurred by the party claimant. [1991 c.202 §5]
Chapter 24

Notes of Decisions

Foreign dissolution decree need not be registered in order for court to have jurisdiction to modify decree. Walker v. Walker, 26 Or App 701, 554 P2d 591 (1976), Sup Ct review denied

Law Review Citations

57 OLR 377 (1978)


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