ORS 249.035
Filing officer

A nominating petition, write-in form prepared under ORS 248.019 (Write-in candidate for precinct committeeperson) or 248.021 (Nomination of separate elector as precinct committeeperson) or declaration of candidacy relating to a candidate for:


State office, United States Senator or Representative in Congress shall be filed with the Secretary of State.


County office or precinct committeeperson shall be filed with the county elections official.


City office shall be filed with the chief city elections officer.


Any elected office of a metropolitan service district under ORS chapter 268 shall be filed with the county elections official of the county in which the administrative office of the district is located.


Any other office shall be filed under ORS chapter 255. [1979 c.190 §105; 1981 c.173 §21; 1981 c.485 §3; 1983 c.350 §65; 1985 c.808 §12; 1993 c.493 §89; 2019 c.675 §18]


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