ORS 261.255
Use of district money or property; revenue bonds

Any district of this state participating in common facilities under ORS 261.235 (Definitions for ORS 261.235 to 261.255) to 261.255 (Use of district money or property) may furnish money and provide property, both real and personal, and to the extent and in the manner provided by ORS 261.355 (Procedure for issuance and sale of revenue bonds) issue and sell revenue bonds pledging revenues of its electric system and its interest or share of the revenues derived from the common facilities and any additions or betterments thereto, in order to pay its respective share of the cost of the planning, financing, acquisition and construction thereof. All moneys paid or property supplied by any such district for the purpose of carrying out the powers conferred by ORS 261.235 (Definitions for ORS 261.235 to 261.255) to 261.255 (Use of district money or property) are declared to be for a public purpose. [1967 c.603 §12; 1999 c.865 §41]
§§ 261.235 to 261.255

Notes of Decisions

If cities and PUDs otherwise had authority to enter Participants’ Agreement with WPPSS, enactment of Thermal Power Facilities Act did not supersede or restrict that authority, except for policy against financing another participant’s share. DeFazio v. WPPSS, 296 Or 550, 679 P2d 1316 (1984)

Chapter 261

Notes of Decisions

People’s utility district does not possess exclusive right to provide service within boundaries of district. Douglas Electric Cooperative v. Central Lincoln People’s Utility District, 164 Or App 251, 991 P2d 1060 (1999), Sup Ct review denied

Atty. Gen. Opinions

County clerk’s and county governing body’s duty to determine validity of voters’ petition to form people’s utility district, (1980) Vol 40, p 367

Law Review Citations

7 EL 315 (1977); 16 WLR 549 (1979)

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