Oregon People’s Utility Districts
ORS 261.380
Refunding district indebtedness


The power to refund indebtedness approved by the electors of the district is vested in the board of directors and may be exercised by adoption of a resolution providing therefor. It shall not be necessary for the board to submit the question of the proposed refunding to the electors of the district at an election or otherwise, but revenue bonds shall not be refunded into general obligation bonds, nor shall general obligation bonds be refunded into revenue bonds without approval of the electors of the district given at an election duly called and legally held therein.


The issuance and sale of refunding bonds, the maturity dates and other details thereof, the rights of the holders thereof, and the duties of the board with respect thereto, shall be governed by ORS 261.305 (General powers of district) and 261.355 (Procedure for issuance and sale of revenue bonds) to 261.375 (Election to authorize district bond issue) in so far as they are applicable. Bonds may be issued and sold to refund bonds issued pursuant to this chapter, including bonds outstanding on April 10, 1951, and to refund bonds issued for refunding purposes under authority of this chapter.
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