ORS 268.390
Planning for activities and areas with metropolitan impact

  • review of comprehensive plans
  • urban growth boundary
  • regional framework plans


A district may define and apply a planning procedure that identifies and designates areas and activities having significant impact upon the orderly and responsible development of the metropolitan area, including, but not limited to, impact on:


Air quality;


Water quality; and




A district may prepare and adopt functional plans for those areas designated under subsection (1) of this section to control metropolitan area impact on air and water quality, transportation and other aspects of metropolitan area development the district may identify.


Intentionally left blank —Ed.


A district shall adopt an urban growth boundary for the district in compliance with applicable goals adopted under ORS chapters 195, 196 and 197. When a district includes land designated as urban reserve under ORS 195.145 (Urban reserves) (1)(b) within an urban growth boundary pursuant to ORS 197.298 (Priority of land to be included within urban growth boundary) (1), the district is not required to consider the capability classification system or the cubic foot site class of the land as described in ORS 197.298 (Priority of land to be included within urban growth boundary) (2).


Notwithstanding the procedural requirements for boundary changes under ORS 268.354 (Boundary change procedures), when the district adopts an urban growth boundary, the urban growth boundary becomes the boundary of the district.


A district may review the comprehensive plans adopted by the cities and counties within the district that affect areas designated by the district under subsection (1) of this section or the urban growth boundary adopted under subsection (3) of this section and recommend or require cities and counties, as it considers necessary, to make changes in any plan to ensure that the plan and any actions taken under the plan substantially comply with the district’s functional plans adopted under subsection (2) of this section and its urban growth boundary adopted under subsection (3) of this section.


Pursuant to a regional framework plan, a district may adopt implementing ordinances that:


Require local comprehensive plans and implementing regulations to substantially comply with the regional framework plan within two years after compliance acknowledgment.


Require adjudication and determination by the district of the consistency of local comprehensive plans with the regional framework plan.


Require each city and county within the jurisdiction of the district and making land use decisions concerning lands within the land use jurisdiction of the district to make those decisions consistent with the regional framework plan. The obligation to apply the regional framework plan to land use decisions shall not begin until one year after the regional framework plan is acknowledged as complying with the statewide land use planning goals adopted under ORS chapters 195, 196 and 197.


Require changes in local land use standards and procedures if the district determines that changes are necessary to remedy a pattern or practice of decision-making inconsistent with the regional framework plan.


A process established by the district to enforce the requirements of this section must provide:


Notice of noncompliance to the city or county.


Opportunity for the city or county to be heard.


Entry of an order by the district explaining its findings, conclusions and enforcement remedies, if any.


Enforcement remedies ordered under subsection (6) of this section may include, but are not limited to:


Direct application of specified requirements of functional plans to land use decisions by the city or county;


Withholding by the district of discretionary funds from the city or county; and


Requesting an enforcement action pursuant to ORS 197.319 (Procedures prior to request of an enforcement order) to 197.335 (Order for compliance with goals) and withholding moneys pursuant to an enforcement order resulting from the enforcement action.


An order issued under subsection (6) of this section:


Must provide for relief from enforcement remedies upon action by the city or county that brings the comprehensive plan and implementing regulations into substantial compliance with the requirement.


Is subject to review under ORS 197.830 (Review procedures) to 197.845 (Stay of decision being reviewed) as a land use decision.


The regional framework plan, ordinances that implement the regional framework plan and any determination by the district of consistency with the regional framework plan are subject to review under ORS 197.274 (Review of Metro regional framework plan). [1977 c.665 §18; 1979 c.402 §1; 1983 c.827 §53; 1985 c.565 §40; 1997 c.833 §16; 2007 c.176 §1; 2009 c.216 §3; 2009 c.497 §1]

Source: Section 268.390 — Planning for activities and areas with metropolitan impact; review of comprehensive plans; urban growth boundary; regional framework plans, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors268.­html.

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