Economic Development III

ORS 285C.543

  • criteria for renewable energy resource equipment manufacturing facilities

The Oregon Business Development Department shall by rule establish all of the following criteria:


Standards relating to the type of equipment, machinery or other products being manufactured and related performance and efficiency standards applicable to the manufactured products;


Standards, consistent with the definitions in ORS 285C.540 (Definitions for ORS 285C) and relating to what constitutes a single renewable energy resource equipment manufacturing facility, that include:


Standards establishing what constitutes property that is not included within a facility; and


The consideration of such factors as phases of development, expansion of or additions to existing facilities or product lines, increased production and number of jobs created or maintained by an applicant;


Standards requiring that the minimum levels of increased employment in Oregon for a facility are proportionate to industry standards and to the amount of tax credit allowed;


Standards requiring that the compensation paid and benefits provided to employees of an applicant meet or exceed the national average in annual compensation for comparable employment;


Standards that can be independently reviewed by a third party:


Relating to indicators of financial viability of an applicant for preliminary certification under ORS 285C.547 (Application for preliminary certification); and


Relating to the likelihood of long-term operation and success of a facility; and


Standards relating to the likelihood that an applicant seeking preliminary certification of a facility will base decisions to locate or expand a facility in Oregon on the allowance of a tax credit under ORS 315.341 (Renewable energy resource equipment manufacturing facilities). [2011 c.474 §6]


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Mar. 11, 2023