Economic Development III

ORS 285C.557
Certification required for tax credits

  • certification not to exceed five years
  • use by transferee


A certificate issued under ORS 285C.553 (Final certification) or 469B.161 (Final certification) is required for purposes of obtaining tax credits in accordance with ORS 315.341 (Renewable energy resource equipment manufacturing facilities). Such certification shall be granted for a period not to exceed five years. The five-year period shall begin with the tax year of the applicant during which the completed application for final certification of the facility under ORS 285C.553 (Final certification) is received by the Oregon Business Development Department.


If the original owner of the certificate uses any portion of the credit, the certificate becomes nontransferable.


For a transferee holding a credit that has been transferred under ORS 285C.549 (Transferability of facility tax credit), the five-year period shall begin with the tax year in which the transferee pays for the credit. [2011 c.474 §13; 2012 c.45 §18]


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