Economic Development III

ORS 285C.095
Designation for electronic commerce

  • revocation
  • positive determination by department required


A sponsor of an existing enterprise zone may designate the zone for electronic commerce under this section by resolution of the governing body of the sponsor.


There may be designated at any time no more than 15 zones for electronic commerce.


The sponsor may by resolution revoke an electronic commerce designation made under this section. If an election is revoked, the sponsor may not subsequently seek reinstatement of electronic commerce designation.


Designation of a zone for electronic commerce under this section is not final until a positive determination has been made in favor of the zone by the Oregon Business Development Department under ORS 285C.102 (Documentation for designation of zone or city for electronic commerce to be submitted to department). [Formerly 285B.672; 2005 c.667 §1; 2014 c.53 §1; 2015 c.648 §11]


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