Land Special Assessments

ORS 308A.053
Definitions for ORS 308A

As used in ORS 308A.050 (Legislative intent) to 308A.128 (Certain district assessments inapplicable to exclusive farm use zone farmland):


“Exclusive farm use zone” means a zoning district established by a county or a city under the authority granted by ORS chapter 215 or 227 that is consistent with the farm use zone provisions set forth in ORS 215.203 (Zoning ordinances establishing exclusive farm use zones) to 215.311 (Log truck parking in exclusive farm use zones), 215.438 (Transmission towers), 215.448 (Home occupations), 215.452 (Winery), 215.453 (Large winery), 215.455 (Effect of approval of winery on land use laws) or 215.700 (Resource land dwelling policy) to 215.780 (Minimum lot or parcel sizes).


“Exclusive farm use zone farmland” means land that qualifies for special assessment under ORS 308A.062 (Qualification of exclusive farm use zone farmland).


“Homesite” means the land, including all tangible improvements to the land under and adjacent to a dwelling and other structures, if any, that are customarily provided in conjunction with a dwelling.


“Nonexclusive farm use zone farmland” means land that is not within an exclusive farm use zone but that qualifies for farm use special assessment under ORS 308A.068 (Qualification of nonexclusive farm use zone farmland).


“Remediation plan” means a plan certified by an extension agent of the Oregon State University Extension Service to remediate or mitigate severe adverse conditions on farmland.


“Severe adverse conditions on farmland” means conditions that render impracticable continued farm use and that are not due to an intentional or negligent act or omission by the owner, tenant or lessee of the farmland or the applicant for certification of a remediation plan. [1999 c.314 §2; 2003 c.539 §34; 2009 c.776 §1; 2011 c.679 §10]


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