Taxes Imposed Upon or Measured by Net Income

ORS 314.075
Evading requirements of law prohibited

No person, or officer or employee of a corporation or a member or employee of a partnership, shall, with intent to evade any requirement of any law imposing taxes upon or measured by net income or any lawful requirement of the Department of Revenue thereunder:


Fail to pay any tax or to make, sign or verify any return or to supply any information required;


Make, render, sign or verify any false or fraudulent return or statement; or


Supply any false or fraudulent information. [1957 c.632 §3 (enacted in lieu of 316.025, 316.030, 317.015 and 317.020)]
Chapter 314

Law Review Citations

9 WLJ 249 (1973); 5 EL 516 (1975)


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