Taxes Imposed Upon or Measured by Net Income

ORS 314.675
Apportionment of net loss

  • net loss deduction
  • limitations

If the operations of a taxpayer subject to ORS 314.280 (Allocation of income of financial institution or public utility from business within and without state) or 314.615 (When allocation and apportionment of net income from business activity required) result in a net loss, that net loss shall be apportioned in the same manner as the net income so as fairly and accurately to reflect the net loss of the business done within this state. The net loss applicable to Oregon income pursuant to this section shall then become the net loss deduction for subsequent years which may be deducted from apportioned net income in the same manner as set forth in the Personal Income Tax Act of 1969, and in ORS chapters 317 and 318. The limitations as to the amount deductible and the time limitations in those statutes shall apply to the apportioned net loss deduction computed pursuant to this section. [1965 c.152 §23; 1969 c.493 §89; 1983 c.162 §55]
Chapter 314

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