Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

ORS 323.055
Sales to federal installations and veterans’ institutions exempted

The taxes imposed by ORS 323.005 (Short title) to 323.482 (Offense of unlawful distribution of cigarettes) do not apply to:


The sale of cigarettes to United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or Public Health Service of the United States Department of Health and Human Services exchanges and commissaries and Navy or Coast Guard ships’ stores, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, ships’ stores maintained under federal bond, or to any person that by virtue of the Constitution or statutes of the United States cannot be made the subject of taxation by this state.


The sale or gift of federally tax-free cigarettes when the cigarettes are delivered directly from the manufacturer under Internal Revenue bond to a veterans’ home or a hospital or domiciliary facility of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for gratuitous issue to veterans receiving hospitalization or domiciliary care. The tax may not be imposed with respect to the use or consumption of these cigarettes by the institution or by the veteran patients or domiciliaries. [1965 c.525 §§21,24; 1991 c.67 §79; 2003 c.804 §9; 2012 c.106 §4]
Chapter 323

Notes of Decisions

This chapter was not intended to impose a tax on cigarettes sold by an Oregon distributor, to be shipped out of state and sold out of state to ultimate consumers for use out of state. Carter & Son v. Dept. of Rev., 5 OTR 379 (1974)


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