Special Proceedings and Procedures

ORS 33.862
Information that may be requested at hearing

At the hearing on a petition to transfer payment rights filed under ORS 33.855 (Transfer of payment rights), the court or responsible administrative authority may ask the payee to provide testimony on or other evidence related to the following matters and any other relevant evidence that the court or authority deems appropriate to make the findings required by ORS 33.865 (Required findings by court or responsible administrative authority):


The payee’s marital status and, if married or separated, the name of the payee’s spouse.


The names, ages and place or places of residence of any minor children or other dependents of the payee.


The amounts and sources of the payee’s monthly income and, if the payee is married, the amounts and sources of the payee’s spouse’s monthly income.


If the payee has minor children, whether the payee is currently obligated to pay child support under any child support order, whether the payee is current or in arrears under any child support order and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any persons or agencies receiving child support from the payee under the order.


Whether the payee depends on the structured settlement payments that the payee proposes to transfer for the payee’s necessary living expenses or required medical care and treatment. [2013 c.736 §5]


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