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ORS 336.029
Oregon Civics Day for Teachers

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The first Friday in December is known as the Oregon Civics Day for Teachers.


The purpose of the Oregon Civics Day for Teachers is to give teachers the opportunity to learn about civics in Oregon for the purpose of assisting them in providing high-quality instruction in civics.


School districts are urged to encourage teachers to participate in professional development opportunities that are focused on civics and that are provided on the first Friday in December.


(a) The Department of Education shall administer a process for providing funding for activities related to an annual conference dedicated to Oregon civics and held on Oregon Civics Day for Teachers. Moneys distributed under this subsection must be used to:


Award grants to two public school teachers from each legislative district to assist the teachers with paying expenses incurred to attend the conference.


Assist a nonprofit organization with operating expenses incurred in relation to the conference.


Provide technical and professional assistance to teachers who attended the conference.


The department may enter into a contract with a nonprofit organization for the purpose of awarding grants under this subsection. [2009 c.419 §1; 2015 c.731 §1]


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