Conduct of Schools Generally

ORS 336.575
Notice and consultation before establishing, expanding or changing residential program


Prior to establishing or expanding a residential program authorized to provide care to five or more children or changing the type of educational services provided or the category of children being served by the residential program in any school district, the authorities of the agency establishing or altering such a program shall notify in writing and confer with the superintendent or the district school board of any substantially affected district to determine the impact of the additional children and services upon the facilities and program of the district.


The notification required by subsection (1) of this section must occur at least three months prior to the establishment or expansion of the residential program or prior to the time when the type of educational services or category of children changes. The three-month period, or any part of it, may be waived by agreement of the agency and the affected school district.


This section does not apply to temporary changes in, or expansion of, residential programs of less than 30 days’ duration that result from meeting emergency needs of children. [Formerly 339.175]


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