Conduct of Schools Generally

ORS 336.187
When school authorized to disclose information about student

  • immunity of recipient


A public school or school district shall disclose personally identifiable information or other information allowed to be disclosed by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act from an education record of a student to:


Law enforcement, child protective services and health care professionals in connection with a health or safety emergency if knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student or other individuals; and


Courts and state and local juvenile justice agencies including, but not limited to, law enforcement agencies, juvenile departments and child protective service agencies. Disclosure under this paragraph must relate to the court’s or juvenile justice agency’s ability to serve the needs of a student prior to the student’s adjudication under ORS chapter 419C. A person to whom personally identifiable information is disclosed under this paragraph shall certify, in writing, that the person will not disclose the information to a third party other than another court or juvenile justice agency or a person or organization providing direct services to the student on behalf of a juvenile justice agency.


As used in this section, a “health or safety emergency” includes, but is not limited to, law enforcement efforts to locate a child who may be a victim of kidnap, abduction or custodial interference and law enforcement or child protective services efforts to respond to a report of child abuse or neglect pursuant to ORS 419B.005 (Definitions) to 419B.050 (Authority of health care provider to disclose information).


A person who receives information under this section is not liable civilly or criminally for failing to disclose the information. [1993 c.806 §9 (326.565 (Standards for student records), 326.575 (Records when student transfers or is placed elsewhere) and 336.187 (When school authorized to disclose information about student) enacted in lieu of 336.185, 336.195 and 336.215); 1995 c.79 §183; 1999 c.620 §7]


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