Public Charter Schools

ORS 338.015
Legislative intent

  • goals

It is the intent of this chapter that new types of schools, called public charter schools, be created as a legitimate avenue for parents, educators and community members to take responsible risks to create new, innovative and more flexible ways of educating children within the public school system. The Legislative Assembly seeks to create an atmosphere in Oregon’s public school system where research and development of new learning opportunities are actively pursued. The provisions of this chapter should be interpreted liberally to support the goals of this section and to advance a renewed commitment by this state to the mission, goals and diversity of public education. It is the intent that public charter schools may serve as models and catalysts for the improvement of other public schools and the public school system. The goals of public charter schools shall be to:


Increase student learning and achievement;


Increase choices of learning opportunities for students;


Better meet individual student academic needs and interests;


Build stronger working relationships among educators, parents and other community members;


Encourage the use of different and innovative learning methods;


Provide opportunities in small learning environments for flexibility and innovation, which may be applied, if proven effective, to other public schools;


Create new professional opportunities for teachers;


Establish additional forms of accountability for schools; and


Create innovative measurement tools. [1999 c.200 §1]

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