Public Charter Schools

ORS 338.157
Adjusting number of students for poverty level

For purposes of calculating the weighted average daily membership (ADMw) of a public charter school, it shall be assumed that the public charter school has the same percentage of children in poverty families, as calculated under ORS 327.013 (State School Fund distribution computations for school districts) (1)(c)(A)(v)(I), as the school district in which the public charter school is located. Based on this percentage, an additional amount shall be added to the average daily membership (ADM) of the public charter school. [2001 c.810 §6; 2009 c.698 §18]
Chapter 338

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Ability of charter school to contract operations to private, for-profit entity, (2000) Vol 49, p 254

Law Review Citations

36 WLR 265 (2000)


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