Public Charter Schools

ORS 338.095
Financial management system

  • annual report, visit and audit


The financial management system of a public charter school must include a budget and accounting system that:


Is compatible with the budget and accounting system of the sponsor of the school; and


Complies with the requirements of the uniform budget and accounting system adopted by rule of the State Board of Education under ORS 327.511 (Uniform budget and accounting system).


A public charter school shall report to the sponsor and the Department of Education at least annually on the performance of the school and its students. A public charter school shall disclose in its report information necessary to make a determination of compliance with the requirements of this chapter. The sponsor or the sponsor’s designee at least annually shall visit the public charter school site and review the public charter school’s compliance with the terms and provisions of the charter.


Except for a public charter school that is not required to comply with ORS 338.035 (Establishment requirements) (2)(a)(B) and (C) as provided by ORS 338.035 (Establishment requirements) (2)(b), the public charter school shall have an annual audit of the accounts of the public charter school prepared in accordance with the Municipal Audit Law, ORS 297.405 (Definitions for ORS 297.020, 297.230, 297.405 to 297.740 and 297.990) to 297.555 (Short title) and 297.990 (Penalties). The school shall forward a copy of the annual audit to the Department of Education.


After an audit conducted as provided by subsection (3) of this section, the following shall be forwarded to the sponsor:


A copy of the annual audit;


Any statements from the public charter school that show the results of all operations and transactions affecting the financial status of the public charter school during the preceding annual audit period for the school; and


A balance sheet containing a summary of the assets and liabilities of the public charter school as of the closing date of the preceding annual audit period for the school.


The sponsor of a public charter school that is organized as required by ORS 338.035 (Establishment requirements) (2)(a)(B) and (C) may request at any time an acknowledgment from each member of the public charter school governing body that the member understands the standards of conduct and liabilities of a director of a nonprofit organization, as those standards and liabilities are described in ORS chapter 65.


The State Board of Education may require public charter schools to file reports with the Department of Education as necessary to enable the department to gather information on public charter schools for inclusion in the Oregon Report Card issued pursuant to ORS 329.115 (Oregon Report Card). [1999 c.200 §10; 2009 c.691 §11; 2011 c.313 §14; 2011 c.684 §1; 2013 c.265 §12]
Chapter 338

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