Special Education and Other Specialized Education Services

ORS 343.533
Transportation service to preschool children with disabilities

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The Department of Education shall not bill a resident school district for a child receiving services under this section even if the child is served by a county or regional program otherwise subject to ORS 343.243 (Receipt of amount from State School Fund for children enrolled in certain programs).


The resident school district shall provide transportation service to preschool children with disabilities, as defined in ORS 343.035 (Definitions for chapter), age three until the age of eligibility for kindergarten, if such service is determined to be a related service and, as required, to children from birth to three years of age, enrolled in programs under ORS 339.185, 343.035 (Definitions for chapter), 343.041 (Supervision of programs for children with disabilities by Superintendent of Public Instruction), 343.055 (Administration of programs by Superintendent of Public Instruction), 343.065 (Employment of personnel to supervise types of services for special programs), 343.157 (Duty of school districts to identify, locate and evaluate resident children who may have disabilities) and 343.455 (Prekindergartens to provide early childhood special education) to 343.534 (Allocation of state funds to approved providers), and the district may include those costs in its claims for transportation costs reimbursement by the state. No state agency is required to pay transportation other than the claims on the State School Fund. [Formerly 343.363]
Chapter 343

Notes of Decisions

As handicapped children are entitled under this chapter to receive special education and related services free of charge, where private residential placement for handicapped child has been found necessary, tuition expense must be borne by school district, and this obligation is not limited to school year. Mahoney v. Adm. Sch. Dist. No. 1, 42 Or App 665, 601 P2d 826 (1979)


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