Special Education and Other Specialized Education Services

ORS 343.395
Definitions for ORS 343.391 to 343.413

As used in ORS 343.391 (Purpose of ORS 343.391 to 343.413) to 343.413 (Short title), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Application” means a request for state funds that is submitted by a school district under ORS 343.399 (State aid to local districts) to develop and operate programs for students under a written plan of instruction for talented and gifted children described in ORS 343.397 (Plan of instruction for talented and gifted children).


“Identification” means the formal process of screening and selecting talented and gifted children according to administrative rules established by the board.


“School district” has the meaning given that term in ORS 330.005 (Division of state into school districts) (2). “School district” includes, where appropriate, an education service district, state operated schools or programs or a consortium of school districts submitting a joint application.


“Talented and gifted children” means those children who require special educational programs or services, or both, beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to realize their contribution to self and society and who demonstrate outstanding ability or potential in one or more of the following areas:


General intellectual ability as commonly measured by measures of intelligence and aptitude.


Unusual academic ability in one or more academic areas.


Creative ability in using original or nontraditional methods in thinking and producing.


Leadership ability in motivating the performance of others either in educational or noneducational settings.


Ability in the visual or performing arts, such as dance, music or art. [1959 c.528 §2; 1963 c.570 §22; 1965 c.100 §409; 1971 c.613 §2; 1979 c.385 §2; 1987 c.335 §1; 2011 c.440 §2]
Chapter 343

Notes of Decisions

As handicapped children are entitled under this chapter to receive special education and related services free of charge, where private residential placement for handicapped child has been found necessary, tuition expense must be borne by school district, and this obligation is not limited to school year. Mahoney v. Adm. Sch. Dist. No. 1, 42 Or App 665, 601 P2d 826 (1979)


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