Career and Technical Education

ORS 344.760
Legislative findings on adult literacy

The Legislative Assembly finds that:


It is in the state’s interest to ensure coordination of the various groups providing adult literacy services within communities.


The demands created by new technologies and foreign competition have intensified the need for a literate workforce.


Community colleges are the major providers of adult literacy to Oregon communities through adult basic education, training for approved high school equivalency tests such as the General Educational Development (GED) test and reading, tutoring and pre-employment skills classes.


Community colleges present the opportunity of a statewide network able to link libraries, providers of workforce development services, community schools, volunteer literacy groups and other providers of literacy services and resources. [1987 c.190 §2; 1997 c.249 §108; 2001 c.684 §26; 2017 c.66 §20]


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