State Highways and State Highway Fund

ORS 366.552
Historic road program for Historic Columbia River Highway

  • footpaths and bicycle trails
  • acquisition of property
  • cooperation with other agencies


The Department of Transportation and the State Parks and Recreation Department shall prepare and manage a historic road program, in consultation with the Historic Columbia River Highway Advisory Committee and other affected entities, consistent with the purposes of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act of 1986 and the public policy of this state declared in ORS 366.551 (Policy).


The departments shall inform the advisory committee of those activities of the departments which may affect the continuity, historic integrity and scenic qualities of the Historic Columbia River Highway.


The departments shall undertake efforts to rehabilitate, restore, maintain and preserve all intact and usable segments of the Historic Columbia River Highway and associated state parks. The Department of Transportation may expend funds dedicated for footpaths and bicycle trails under ORS 366.514 (Use of highway fund for footpaths and bicycle trails) to construct footpaths and bicycle trails on those portions of the Historic Columbia River Highway that are parts of the state highway system or that are county roads or city streets and the State Parks and Recreation Department may incorporate those segments into the Oregon recreation trails system under the provisions of ORS 390.950 (Short title) to 390.989 (Eminent domain does not apply to department powers or duties under ORS 390.950 to 390.989) and 390.995 (Criminal penalties) (2).


The departments may acquire real property, or any right or interest therein, deemed necessary for the preservation of historic, scenic or recreation qualities of the Historic Columbia River Highway, for the connection of intact and usable segments, or for the development and maintenance of parks along or in close proximity to the highway. The departments shall encourage the acquisition of lands, or interests in lands, by donation, agreement, exchange or purchase.


The departments shall assist and cooperate with other agencies and political subdivisions of the state, state agencies, the federal government, special purpose districts, railroads, public and private organizations and individuals to the extent necessary to carry out the provisions of ORS 366.550 (“Historic Columbia River Highway” defined) to 366.553 (Advisory committee). The departments may enter into such contracts as are necessary to carry out these provisions. [1987 c.382 §3; 1989 c.904 §37]
Note: See note under 366.550 (“Historic Columbia River Highway” defined).
Chapter 366

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Use and distribution of State Highway Fund, (1975) Vol 37, p 599


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