State Highways and State Highway Fund

ORS 366.158
Adopt-a-Highway Program

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As used in this section:


“Noxious weeds” means any weed the State Department of Agriculture designates by rule as a noxious weed.


“Pesticide” has the meaning given that term in ORS 634.006 (Definitions).


The Department of Transportation shall administer a program aimed toward beautifying and cleaning state roadsides. The program shall include public informational activities, but shall be directed primarily toward encouraging and facilitating involvement of volunteer groups in litter cleanup work and removal of noxious weeds on a specific section of highway. The program shall be called the Oregon Adopt-a-Highway Program. Moneys for the program shall be provided from funds available to the department. The department may adopt any rules it considers necessary for implementation of the Oregon Adopt-a-Highway Program.


An agreement entered into between the department and a volunteer group pursuant to subsection (2) of this section shall include but need not be limited to:


Identification of the designated section of highway. The volunteer group may request a specific section of highway it wishes to adopt, but the assignment shall be at the discretion of the department.


Specification of the duties of the volunteer group. The group shall choose one or both of the following activities:


Removal of litter along the designated section of highway at least four times each year.


Removal of noxious weeds, along the designated section of highway at least twice each year, using a method other than pesticide and in accordance with rules adopted by the State Department of Agriculture.


Specification of the responsibilities of the volunteer group. The group shall agree to abide by all rules related to the program that are adopted by the department.


Duration of the agreement. The volunteer group may contract to care for the designated section of highway for one, two or three years.


A sign identifying the group and recognizing the group’s contribution shall be placed by the department at each end of the section of highway adopted by the group unless the department determines that doing so would be unsafe to persons using the highway.


The department shall provide reflective vests, garbage bags and highway signs for the participating volunteer groups. [1991 c.486 §2; 2009 c.547 §1]
Chapter 366

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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