Juvenile Code: Delinquency

ORS 419C.355
Written findings required

The juvenile court shall make a specific, detailed, written finding of fact to support the findings made under ORS 419C.349 (Grounds for waiving youth to adult court) (2). [1993 c.33 §215; 2019 c.634 §18]
Note: See note under 419C.349 (Grounds for waiving youth to adult court).

Notes of Decisions

Under Former Similar Statute

Child's assent to being waived to adult court does not eliminate duty of court to make findings of fact supporting waiver. State ex rel Juvenile Dept. v. Heising, 29 Or App 903, 565 P2d 1105 (1977)

Where oral findings demonstrated proper consideration of statutory factors, failure to make specific and detailed written findings did not invalidate remand. State ex rel Juvenile Dept. v. Cole, 280 Or 173, 570 P2d 365 (1977); State ex rel Juvenile Dept. v. Brown, 37 Or App 155, 586 P2d 374 (1978), Sup Ct review denied

Order demonstrating that judge actually considered statutory criteria meets requirement that court make detailed, written findings of fact. State ex rel Juv. Dept. v. Reed, 124 Or App 495, 863 P2d 1291 (1993), Sup Ct review denied

Chapter 419C

Law Review Citations

Under Former Similar Statutes

56 OLR 428 (1977); 16 WLR 417 (1979)


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