Juvenile Code: Delinquency

ORS 419C.255
Facts to be pleaded


The petition shall set forth in ordinary and concise language such of the following facts as are known and indicate any which are not known:


The name, age and residence of the youth.


The facts which bring the youth within the jurisdiction of the court as provided in ORS 419C.005 (Jurisdiction).


The name and residence of the youth’s parents or, if the youth has no parents or the names and residences of both parents are unknown, then the name and address of the youth’s guardian, if the youth has a guardian.


The name and residence of the person having physical custody of the youth.


A petition alleging jurisdiction under ORS 419C.005 (Jurisdiction) shall set forth in addition the name of any person who was physically injured or who suffered loss of or damage to property as a result of the conduct alleged. [1993 c.33 §198; 2007 c.609 §20]
Chapter 419C

Law Review Citations

Under Former Similar Statutes

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