Juvenile Code: Delinquency

ORS 419C.472
Suspension of driving privileges


The court may order that the driving privileges of a youth be suspended if:


The petition alleges that the youth is within the jurisdiction of the court for violating ORS 471.430 (Purchase or possession of alcoholic beverages by person under 21) or 475B.316 (Prohibition against person under 21 years of age possessing, attempting to purchase or purchasing marijuana item);


The youth has been issued a summons under ORS 419C.306 (Effect of summons); and


The youth fails to appear as required by the summons.


When a court issues an order under subsection (1) of this section:


The court shall send a notice to the Department of Transportation certifying that the youth failed to appear and that the court has ordered the suspension of the driving privileges of the youth; and


Neither the state nor a juvenile department counselor may file a petition under ORS 419C.250 (Who may file petition) alleging that the youth is within the jurisdiction of the court for having committed an act that if committed by an adult would constitute a violation of ORS 153.992 (Penalty for failure to appear). [2001 c.817 §5; 2017 c.20 §7]
Chapter 419C

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Under Former Similar Statutes

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