State and Local Administration and Enforcement of Public Health Laws

ORS 431.131
Foundational capabilities

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The Oregon Health Authority, in consideration of the advice provided by the Oregon Health Policy Board under ORS 431.125 (Duties related to public health laws), shall establish by rule the foundational capabilities necessary to protect and improve the health of the residents of this state and to achieve effective and equitable health outcomes for the residents of this state.


At a minimum, the authority shall establish the following foundational capabilities:


Assessment and epidemiology, as described in ORS 431.132 (Assessment and epidemiology);


Emergency preparedness and response, as described in ORS 431.133 (Emergency preparedness and response);


Communications as described in ORS 431.134 (Communications);


Policy and planning as described in ORS 431.135 (Policy and planning);


Leadership and organizational competencies, as described in ORS 431.136 (Leadership and organizational competencies);


Health equity and cultural responsiveness, as described in ORS 431.137 (Health equity and cultural responsiveness); and


Community partnership development, as described in ORS 431.138 (Community partnership development). [2015 c.736 §9]


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