Oregon Housing
ORS 456.594

As used in ORS 456.594 (Definitions) to 456.599 (Rules):


“Cash payment” means a payment made by the Housing and Community Services Department to the dwelling owner or to the contractor on behalf of the dwelling owner for energy conservation measures.


“Contractor” means a person that installs or assists a dwelling owner to install energy conservation measures in a dwelling.


(a) “Dwelling” means real or personal property within the state inhabited as the principal residence of a dwelling owner or a tenant.


“Dwelling” includes a manufactured dwelling as defined in ORS 446.003 (Definitions for ORS 446.003 to 446.200 and 446.225 to 446.285 and ORS chapters 195, 196, 197, 215 and 227), a floating home as defined in ORS 830.700 (Definitions for ORS 830.060 to 830.140 and 830.700 to 830.870) and a single unit in multiple-unit residential housing.


“Dwelling” does not include a recreational vehicle as defined in ORS 174.101 (“Manufactured structure,” “recreational vehicle” defined).


“Dwelling owner” means the person:


Who has legal title to a dwelling, including the mortgagor under a duly recorded mortgage of real property, the trustor under a duly recorded deed of trust or a purchaser under a duly recorded contract for the purchase of real property; and


Whose dwelling receives space heating primarily from a fuel oil dealer.


“Energy conservation items” includes but is not limited to air sealing, weatherstripping, ceiling and wall insulation, crawl space insulation, vapor barrier materials, programmable thermostats, insulation of heating ducts and water pipes in unheated spaces, and replacement windows.


(a) “Energy conservation measures” includes the installation of energy conservation items and the energy conservation items installed, where the items are primarily designed to improve the space heating and energy utilization efficiency of a dwelling.


“Energy conservation measures” does not include the dwelling owner’s own labor.


“Fuel oil dealer” means a person, association, corporation or other form of organization that supplies fuel oil at retail for the space heating of dwellings.


“Person” means an individual, partnership, joint venture, private or public corporation, association, firm, public service company, political subdivision, municipal corporation, government agency, people’s utility district, or any other entity, public or private, however organized.


“Petroleum supplier” means a petroleum refiner in this state or any person engaged in the wholesale distribution of distillate fuel oil in this state.


“Residential customer” means a dwelling owner or tenant who is billed by a fuel oil dealer for fuel oil service received at the dwelling.


“Space heating” means the heating of living space within a dwelling.


“Tenant” means a tenant as defined in ORS 90.100 (Definitions) or any other tenant. [Formerly 469.673; 2019 c.422 §32]
Note: 456.594 (Definitions) to 456.599 (Rules) were enacted into law by the Legislative Assembly but were not added to or made a part of ORS chapter 456 or any series therein by legislative action. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.
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