Water Quality

ORS 468B.085
Depositing vehicles or manufactured structures into water prohibited

Subject to ORS 468B.083 (When motor vehicle parts may be placed in waters of state), a person, including a person in the possession or control of land, may not deposit, discard or place the chassis, body or shell of a motor vehicle as defined by ORS 801.360 (“Motor vehicle), a vehicle as defined by ORS 801.590 (“Vehicle), a manufactured structure as defined in ORS 446.561 (Definitions for ORS 446) or parts and accessories thereof, including tires, into the waters of the state for any purpose, or deposit, discard or place such materials in a location where the materials are likely to escape or be carried into the waters of the state by any means. [Formerly 449.109 and then 468.775; 2003 c.655 §77]


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Mar. 11, 2023