Water Quality

ORS 468B.184
Designation of lead agency for development of action plan

  • contents of action plan


After a ground water management area is declared, the Department of Environmental Quality shall designate a lead agency responsible for developing an action plan and request other agencies to assume appropriate responsibilities for preparation of a draft action plan within 90 days after the declaration. The agencies shall develop an action plan to reduce existing contamination and to prevent further contamination of the affected ground water aquifer. The action plan shall include, but need not be limited to:


Identification of practices that may be contributing to the contamination of ground water in the area;


Consideration of all reasonable alternatives for reducing the contamination of the ground water to a level below that level requiring the declaration of a ground water management area;


Recommendations of mandatory actions that, when implemented, will reduce the contamination to a level below that level requiring the declaration of ground water management area;


A proposed time schedule for:


Implementing the lead agency’s recommendations;


Achieving estimated reductions in concentrations of the ground water contaminants; and


Public review of the action plan;


Any applicable provisions of a local action plan developed for the area under a declaration of an area of ground water concern; and


Required amendments of affected city or county comprehensive plans and land use regulations in accordance with the schedule and requirements of periodic review set forth in ORS chapter 197 to address the identified ground water protection and management concerns.


If a ground water management area is located on agricultural lands or in an area designated as an exclusive farm use zone under ORS 215.203 (Zoning ordinances establishing exclusive farm use zones), the State Department of Agriculture shall be responsible for developing the portion of the action plan that addresses farming practices as defined in ORS 30.930 (Definitions for ORS 30). [Formerly 536.157]
Note: See note under 468B.150 (Definitions for ORS 468B).


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