Water Quality

ORS 468B.187
Acceptance or rejection of action plan

  • rules


The Department of Environmental Quality shall, within 30 days after completion of the final action plan, accept the final action plan or remand the plan to the lead agency for revision in accordance with recommendations of the department and other agencies participating in development of the plan. If the plan is remanded for revision, the lead agency shall return the revised final action plan to the department within 30 days.


Within 120 days after the department accepts the final action plan, each agency of the group that is responsible for implementing all or part of the plan shall adopt rules necessary to carry out the agency’s duties under the action plan. If two or more agencies are required to initiate rulemaking proceedings under this section, the agencies shall consult with one another to coordinate the rules. The agencies may consolidate the rulemaking proceedings. [Formerly 536.165]
Note: See note under 468B.150 (Definitions for ORS 468B).


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