Small Scale Local Energy Projects

ORS 470.310
Procedure if sinking fund inadequate


If there are insufficient funds in the Small Scale Local Energy Project Administration and Bond Sinking Fund to make the payments referred to in ORS 470.300 (Small Scale Local Energy Project Administration and Bond Sinking Fund) (1), the Director of the State Department of Energy may request the funds necessary for such payments from the Legislative Assembly or the Emergency Board.


When the director determines that moneys in sufficient amount are available in the sinking fund, the State Treasurer shall reimburse the General Fund without interest, in an amount equal to the amount allocated by the Legislative Assembly or the Emergency Board pursuant to subsection (1) of this section. The moneys used to reimburse the General Fund under this subsection shall not be considered a budget item on which a limitation is otherwise fixed by law, but shall be in addition to any specific appropriations or amounts authorized to be expended from continually appropriated moneys. [1979 c.672 §28; 2003 c.186 §74; 2009 c.753 §73]
Chapter 470

Notes of Decisions

There is nothing in this chapter which requires the Department of Energy or its director to recover loans or withhold future loan installments for the purpose of compelling compliance by the borrower with the wage and employment conditions of state law. State ex rel Building Council v. Bureau of Labor, 61 Or App 22, 656 P2d 325 (1982), Sup Ct review denied


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