Small Scale Local Energy Projects

ORS 470.810
Clean energy deployment program

  • prevailing wage requirements
  • rules


The State Department of Energy shall establish the clean energy deployment program to provide grants and loans to support energy efficiency or clean energy projects in this state. The department shall establish criteria for qualifications of the projects by rule.


(a) The department may use funds from the Jobs, Energy and Schools Fund and the Clean Energy Deployment Fund to provide loans and grants to school districts that have projects to weatherize, upgrade and retrofit kindergarten through grade 12 public schools in this state, in order to improve energy efficiency.


A school district that finances a project through the clean energy deployment program may not self-perform work constituting more than five percent of the total cost of the project being financed.


All school projects financed pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subsection through the clean energy deployment program are deemed to be public works projects and are subject to the prevailing wage requirements of ORS 279C.800 (Definitions for ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870) to 279C.870 (Civil action to enforce payment of prevailing rates of wage).


The department may contract for the implementation of the clean energy deployment program in all or parts of this state with a sustainable energy project manager as defined in ORS 470.050 (Definitions). [2011 c.467 §2]
Note: See note under 470.800 (Clean Energy Deployment Fund).
Chapter 470

Notes of Decisions

There is nothing in this chapter which requires the Department of Energy or its director to recover loans or withhold future loan installments for the purpose of compelling compliance by the borrower with the wage and employment conditions of state law. State ex rel Building Council v. Bureau of Labor, 61 Or App 22, 656 P2d 325 (1982), Sup Ct review denied


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