Fire Protection of Forests and Vegetation

ORS 477.052
Hearings on proposed classifications


The county forestland-urban interface classification committee shall hold a public hearing at the time and place stated in the notice published under ORS 477.031 (Duties of committee) (3), or at such other time and place to which the hearing may be adjourned, to receive from any interested persons objections, remonstrances or suggestions relating to the proposed designations and classifications. Following the hearing the committee may make such changes in the proposed designations and classifications as it finds to be proper, hold additional hearings as it finds necessary, and thereafter shall make final designations and classifications.


All final action by the committee in designating and classifying forestland-urban interface shall be by formal written order, which must include a statement of findings of fact on the basis of which the order is made, and must include a list of all land designated and classified. The committee shall prepare one or more maps showing the final designations and classifications made. The original of the order shall be filed with the county clerk of the county. The order need not meet the requirements of ORS 205.232 (Conditions for instruments to be recorded) to be filed and recorded. A copy of the order certified by the secretary of the committee shall be sent to the State Forester.


Copies of the order, lists of land and maps required by this section shall be maintained in designated offices of the forester where they shall be made available for public inspection. [1997 c.429 §14; 2007 c.30 §6]


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