ORS 551.040
Duties of surveyors and viewers

The routine of procedure under this chapter shall be as far as practicable the same as prescribed by the road law of the state for survey, location and establishment of county roads. The surveyors and viewers appointed shall meet as prescribed by the county court. They shall trace upon the ground the line of the dikes and dams necessary, and shall keep an accurate record of the magnetic bearings and the distances upon the same. They shall designate the width of the right of way through which the dikes and dams shall pass, which right of way, if the petition is granted, shall be the property of the district in so far as is necessary for the purpose of building and maintaining the works. The surveyors and viewers shall also define the boundaries of the district, and make an accurate list, by legal subdivision, of the lands embraced therein, and the names of the owners thereof. They shall further make plans for, and estimate the cost of, the proposed dikes and dams, and shall file with the county clerk, at least one week before the day set for a hearing, a complete report of their works. Their report shall be open to public inspection.

Source: Section 551.040 — Duties of surveyors and viewers, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors551.­html.

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